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To make food suitable for the body and health, you should take it in a relaxed atmosphere, that is, during the meal at your table, there should be no irritating factors - an unpleasant and very pungent smell or too loud music. Also, it is not recommended to eat food if you are in a bad mood, very tired or nervous. To start, you need to rest a little, and after you calm down, you can start eating, otherwise useful food may just not be absorbed by the body.

Proper Nutrition Is The Basis Of Good Health

To ensure that during the whole day the person had excellent health and was full of energy, it is essential to form a diet properly, that is, you need to eat food at the same time, without sudden changes. Very soon the body gets used to the fixed schedule, due to which it will cease to spend valuable energy on frequent and fast snacks. If the stomach will often digest small portions of food or once, but a large volume, the biorhythms of a person being knocked down, which causes a feeling of intense fatigue, depression, and severe mood. It is also necessary to remember that health and energy are lost when using products that have been subjected to a prolonged heat treatment. For example, if you eat a well-cooked chop during lunch, then for a long time you will not feel hunger. This phenomenon is just a result of a long and rather unpleasant process for the human body to digest food.

Daily Diet

To feel good during the day, it is recommended to add to your daily diet as much as possible products of plant origin, as well as raw food.

Fresh Food

Today, fresh food is becoming more popular, since it is fresh food that contains the maximum amount of valuable vitamins and minerals.


People who eat raw food, every day eat only fresh food, this refers to fruits, vegetables, as well as a variety of cereals.

No Matter How You Eat

The main thing is to chew food thoroughly. There are some data on which it is believed that chewing should be at least 33 times, to the same way you can strengthen your teeth. The meal itself should not be less than half an hour, because thanks to this approach you will significantly facilitate the work of your stomach, as well as the intestinal tract while preventing premature wear.

It is necessary to strictly monitor that the daily menu includes in its composition the required amount of carbohydrates because it is these substances that supply the body with the energy needed for life and also contribute to the improvement of mood and well-being.

Do not forget that you need to minimize the use of sweet, and the ideal option is to completely abandon it because sweet can lead to sharp changes in the body sugar levels. As a result, you will feel tired and exhausted all the time.

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Basic Rules Of Proper Nutrition

  1. Without fail, the energy costs of the body must be covered by the energy value of food consumed in food, that is, calories. Today, there are quite a lot of methods of proper nutrition, but this principle is the most correct since it helps to fight the available excess weight, which can bring quite serious health problems;
  2. Food should be as varied as possible – a daily set of products in the amount should be the required amount of fats, carbohydrates, and proteins;
  3. Do not take too much meat, because taking into account the principles of healthy nutrition, as well as the full supply of the body with various proteins (amino acids), the daily volume of protein consumed must be half the animal origin (fish, poultry, beef) and vegetable origin. If you adhere to vegetarian food and eat only plant products, does not supply to your body all the necessary and valuable amino acids;
  4. Do not forget about minerals and vitamins. When compiling a diet and determining useful products for health, it is required to include the necessary amount of all vitamins, microelements, and macronutrients, taking into account the daily requirement of the organism for such substances, as well as their content in food;
  5. Do not wholly exclude from your diet fats. At the heart of the principles of healthy eating is the use of the necessary amount of fats in the diets – 75 percent of fats of animal origin and 25 percent of vegetable fats;
  6. To eat the required food must be strictly in the daytime – up to 65 percent of the grain of the daily ration should be in the daytime, that is for lunch, also lunch, while the dinner should be as light as possible;
  7. There should be as often as possible, while portions should be relatively small. At the heart of a healthy diet is fractional eating, that is, four to five times a day. Do not forget to monitor the work of the gastrointestinal tract – the stomach should not be crowded and should not be empty.